what iconic crackship are you?

sometimes people pair random characters together for a good chuckle. which of these sussy ships best matches you?

if you're seeing this unfinished page, howdy :eyes:
ok the javascript is working again!!! i still have to tweak some things but if you want you can take it now, just don't get mad if you get a weird result LOL :D

1- let’s get this out of the way. what would you consider your worst trait? :(

i'm an edgelord
i'm very judgemental
i'm emotionally detached lol
i have trust issues
i hate to admit when i'm wrong
i rely too much on others
i'm a hothead

2- please choose a hob

3- be honest. do you spend too much time on the internet?

i try not to
i live here

4- choose an activity to partake in on the world wide web

participate in collaborative storytelling (ARGs, creepypasta, SCP, memes like Goncharov)
view/steal/share memes
send people death threats 😈
share your creations
read fanfiction
watch people play video games
engage in silly arguments

5- quick, pick a word!


6- an internet friend sent you a chain letter. it says that anyone who doesn't forward it to 7 people will be brutally killed by the ghost of a bloodthirsty little girl…

pass it on out of superstition
pass it on to my other friends as a joke
delete it because it's dumb, but worry about it a little anyway
delete it and threaten to block my friend. i don’t like to waste my time on fools
set traps and prepare to fight the spooky dead girl
find an immunity animal image to protect me
show up at my friend’s house (i figured out their address a while ago) dressed up as the ghost and scare the shit out of them

7- choose a superpower

the ability to kill anyone however and whenever i want, without leaving a trace (golly..)

8- you just got out of an interview way later than you expected. it's dark out and most places are closed. as you walk back home alone, you decide to cut through an alley because you really don't want to miss the latest episode of your favorite dog house makeover show.
suddenly, a man jumps out of the shadows with a gun! he demands all the money you’re carrying ($200)

let him take the money. i don't want to die!!
pretend to comply until he gets close enough for me to kick his ass epically, with fight music playing in my head. time to show off my inner beast 👹
give him the money. i have loads more in the bank anyway
give him the money, then follow him in the shadows, take out my own gun, and shoot him in the back
plug his gun with my finger. checkmate B)
give him the money, then invite him over to watch a movie with me
bro i would rather die than go to an interview

9- which movie will you watch after that unfortunate altercation?

a romantic comedy
a buddy comedy
an action film with plenty of explosions >B)
a quirky indie film
a movie based on a video game
a nature documentary
something critics love and normal people hate

10- pick a snack to eat while watching the movie

an apple
hot chips
onion rings
a hot dog
an energy drink, your 4th of the day

11- what's your pet peeve?

slow walkers
auto capitalization/correction
loud chewing and slurping
forgetting your dreams right after you wake up
people invading your personal space
doggo speak (words like "hooman" and "pupper")
being stuck indoors on a perfect sunny day

12- pick an element!

gold, which is actually on the periodic table
i hate this question and i hate you (that's not very nice..)

13- obligatory song lyric question. choose a lyric or just click skip

i am drowning
      there is no sign of land
      you are coming down with me
      hand in unlovable hand

suffer long and it will set you free
      only through trial do we find the strength we need

but kids like you don't play by the rules
      and guys like me it ain't easy to be played for fools

and when your plans unravel in the sand
      what would you wish for if you had one chance?

i can't promise you fair sky above
      can't promise you kind road below
      but i'll walk beside you, love
      any way the wind blows

i had all and then most of you
      some and now none of you
      take me back to the night we met

hey big guy!
      hey little guy!
      can you tell me who came first?
      sorry but i don't know
      we are simply natural

14- let’s end on a high note! what would you consider your best quality? :)

i take charge
i'm intelligent
i'm kind
i'm creative
i'm loyal
i'm funny
i have no positive traits 😈😈😈