this page is still a MAJOR work in progress. i have so many links to add. i don't think i'll curate this page as much as my art links page. it's just random stuff i've stumbled upon and found interesting. a neat tool to search user-submitted sites SAY NO TO WEB3: keep the net free :) nightfall city aiga eye on design

- a rhythm game

bitsy games

- lil bitsy games

tezuka osamu @ world game corner

- a couple of tetsuwan atom/astro boy flash games (for kids, lol)

mario paint music composer

- make silly tunes in your browser


- canyon.mid B)

an idea for a website

- website idea generator

88x31 Web Button Maker

99GIF shop

- a collection of gifs


- search gifs from old geocities sites!

Internet Bumper Stickers

- add some quirky flavor to your site