art resources!

some stuff i found useful. this list is still kind of short but i hope it helps somebody :)

PSG art tutorial by arne jansson

- i love this one. full of very helpful information on painting light and color, as well as some tips about perspective, line art, and doing studies

itchy animation lighting tutorial

- an in-depth lighting tutorial showing how light behaves in a variety of situations, both outdoors and indoors. also very good :)

light & dark

- a lighting tutorial focused on breaking things down to basic shapes, and using light and dark to clearly define volume

hand tutorial and head tutorial

- yeah. the hand tutorial is pretty descriptive. the head tutorial is a rundown of the famous loomis method. for even further reference, see "drawing the head and hands" by andrew loomis. it's not hard to find PDFs of old drawing books

i'll see if i can find more tutorials on this stuff sometime. i know heads and hands are really difficult for most artists, and i want to get a variety of approaches in here

open drawing books

- for free!

portrait tutorial by steve jung

- short, focused on painting technique
- a little advanced

cloud tutorial

- clouds :)

brushsets and painting tutorials by devin elle kurtz (a.k.a. tamberella)

- free brushsets for painting fur, plants, cities, bookshelves, and auroras (photoshop, CSP, procreate)
** alternatives for autodesk sketchbook and krita
- tutorial packs about painting animals, color, and materials (i haven't tried these myself but they're $1 and look good)

larry's toon institute lesson plan

- lessons for beginners on basic animation principles, exercises, and character construction

angry animator tutorials

- more tutorials on basic exercises, including a good lip sync tutorial

reference angle

- move a 3d model of a human head to get references at different angles
- you can filter by gender, age range, emotion, and more


- study landscapes with random street views from around the world
- you can filter by country or continent, or check out the gallery for cool finds by other users

animal photo references

- move 3d models of animal skulls to find references for a variety of species at different angles


- sketchdaily references
- line of action
- quickposes (warning: no nudity filter)

creating pixel art

- i really like this one. an introduction to pixel art that goes over the basic principles, general things to avoid, and how to pick appealing palettes
- very easy to follow :)

arne's pixel art tutorial

- pixel art lighting and color tips from a painterly perspective
- shows various ways to make pixel art look cleaner and more appealing

so you want to be a pixel artist?

- wordy, but it might be worth a look [eyes emoji]. tips on making more natural looking, interesting backgrounds and sprites, even with old school limitations (tiles, palettes, etc)
- also shows how to make sprites and animations for fighting games

stuff that's outdated, full of broken images, or that i haven't taken a good look at. still, it's interesting stuff to browse if you want to learn about old digital art techniques and communities

art studio chalkboard

zoggles tutorials

anticz tutorials

eatpoo link thread

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